H2O • Are you in the know?

It’s not just the quantity of the water you drink, quality matters too!

You’re fit, healthy and disciplined. You understand that looking good and feeling good are opposite sides of the same coin and you fuel your exercise with fresh, healthy food. You make sure you drink the recommended two litres of water per day, with effective hydration necessary for getting the most out of your training regimen. It maintains the balance of body fluids, helps control calories, energises muscles, cushions joints and is essential for healthy skin and lustrous hair. And water is water, right?

The problem

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case – even in the lucky country. The drinking water that pours straight from your tap has in fact originated as run-off into a dam; where it has travelled through miles of pipeline – picking up contaminants, pesticides, hormones and industrial run-off along the way – before reaching the ‘purification’ treatment plant, where further chemicals – such as chlorine, ammonia and chloramines – are added to kill off the various impurities that have come along for the ride. These chemicals are directly absorbed into the body, but are also present in the taste.

So, it begs the question: despite initial chlorine disinfection being a necessary evil to ensure that our water supply makes it to our homes safely (without bacterial contamination), why would you then choose to consume such impurities after this process if you don’t have to?

Contrary to popular belief, bottled water isn’t necessarily much better. It’s expensive and there’s no guarantee it’s any more pure than what comes out of the tap. The worse news is that it’s immensely wasteful; it can take up to three litres of water to make just one litre of bottled, and of the thousands of empty plastic bottles produced, over 60 per cent of them end up in landfills or oceans, polluting the atmosphere and poisoning wildlife.

The Solution

Modern technology has given birth to filtered water systems that reduce or remove any impurities, leaving you with fresh, clean tasting water sourced from the convenience of your own kitchen. It’s an affordable and effective way to make sure you’re avoiding the nasties, getting the best quality and the best tasting water possible.

But beware – not all filters are created equal. The quality of the filtered water is in fact determined by the quality of the filter cartridge within your filter system.

Our Choice?

The Pure Water Systems Counter Top Water Filtration System.

Installed directly onto your existing tap in just a few easy steps, without any plumbing required, it’s also conveniently transportable – so you can take it anywhere, from the boardroom to the gym.

It’s also made in accordance with the latest technology in carbon block filtration; the Pure Water Systems Hi-Tech Optimiser (HTO) is an exclusive, premium-grade cartridge that ensures superior reduction of chlorine, chemicals and other water-borne undesirables. So you can trust that by the time it hits your glass, you are getting the best water for optimum health, strength and performance.

For more information, contact Pure Water Systems.

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