Many people suffering porphyria also have the related disorder called pyroluria – also known as pyrroles or kryptopyrroles.  This condition may be secondary to porhpyria.

Pyroluria may cause severe, constant nervousness, anxiety or panic; morning sickness or nausea and/or the inability or lack of desire to eat at times; seizures, toxic body odour; many food intolerances or allergy-like reactions.  These reactions are often worse when consuming wheat, diary and salicylates.  Coeliac disease may involve pyroluria.

Orthomolecular psychiatrists have linked pyroluria to ADHD, alcoholism, autism, depression, Down syndrome, manic depression, schizophrenia, coeliac disease, epilepsy or psychosis.

The best way to determine whether you have pyroluria is a special urine test.  These are available through most natural health practitioners and some medical practitioners.

Treatment involves supplementing with activated Vitamin B6, zinc and Omega 6/G.Linolenic Acid.  The types of supplements and dosages must be individualised by a qualified practitioner, especially if there is concurrent porphyria.