BioResonance Therapy

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet and in cause and prevention of disease.  –   Thomas Edison


Bioresonance or frequency therapy helps your body’s cells to communicate.  The body’s communication system involves the nervous system, hormones and many other substances that ensure proper communication between cells.  When this communication does not work properly, or fails, it affects our health.  We tend to ignore minor signs, until we are no longer able to lead normal lives: pain or serious health conditions negatively impact quality of life.  That is where BioResonance Therapy (BRT) may help restore proper communication between cells and organs in your body, rectifying all those niggling signs you have been ignoring.

BRT supports the body’s own healing processes. The human body is programmed to heal itself, however, this may not always be possible due to blockages caused by heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial food additives, electromagnetic frequencies, medications, drugs, stress, trauma, physical imbalances and even substances naturally occurring in foods. These blockages literally stop communication between cells, tissues and organs in our body resulting in organ stress, degeneration, DNA damage and disease.  Other stressors on the body’s ability to function properly include viruses, bacteria, fungus/moulds and parasites.

Different organs and tissues communicate at different frequencies, much the same as the differences in electromagnetic waves for mobile phone, television or radio communication. Interference can resemble slight static or block all reception. BRT is able to identify where blockages are occurring in your body as well as what is causing these blockages. Treatments then address the various causes to re-establish balance in your body.

Illness indicates that the body’s defences – the immune and detoxification systems – have been weakened. Therefore, an integral part of BRT is supporting elimination and immune systems.

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Conditions that may be assisted with BioResonance Therapy

BioResonance therapy has also been successfully used to stop smoking and for weight loss. 

BRT is gentle and non-invasive. [Not suitable if you suffer epilepsy or have a pacemaker; not recommended for children younger than 5 years or during pregnancy]

The SI-500 – leading European technology

Medical philosophies have long postulated the need to treat the patient rather than disease.  While this concept has been recognized for decades, modern therapy remains mostly focused on the disease and the suppression of symptoms.  As far back as 1940 -1945 under the guidance of Dr Harold Burr, the Professor of Yale University School of Medicine, a group of biologists and researchers of higher education found: “All living organisms have electric fields and, as a consequence, magnetic fields of complex nature. These fields are completely lost with the death“.  This electromagnetic phenomenon is of fundamental importance in the organization, structure and functioning of living systems, both in health and illness.  There is a constant and instantaneous exchange of information, carried out by means of electromagnetic waves, between every cell of every living organism.

Dr Burr and his team found that a change in electromagnetic pulses preceded disease.  Hence, by monitoring the energy-information exchange in the body, we are able to not only assess the state of human health, but also identify predictive tendencies to effectively prevent disease.   

Founded on this early and more recent research, bioresonance therapy is based on the theory of bio-feedback within the human body.  The SI-500 incorporates the modern diagnostic method of energy-information Nonlinear Analysis (NLS).  This represents one of the latest advances in medicine which allows detailed mapping of the body’s organs, systems, tissues, cells and chromosomes to identify even the slightest changes in biological structure and frequency.

Pathological or disharmonious vibrations have been shown to lead to physical manifestations of disease if the regulatory systems of the body are unable to adequately compensate.  Causes of disharmonious vibrations may include toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides), pathogens (bacteria, viruses), microbes (parasites, fungi), external electromagnetic disturbances, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, some medications and stress.

BRT provides a complete or holistic approach, identifying the causes and individualising treatments.  Health or disease is always dependent on the proper ability of the body to regulate its processes.  Recovery can only be achieved by restoring the regulatory power of the body.  BRT is always a holistic, causal, individual and regulating therapy.  In addition, all of the healing principles are fundamental to holistic and ancient forms of medicine.

The accumulation of information (or disharmonizing factors) is responsible for symptoms of disease.  As this accumulation may have occurred over many years, and continue to occur with current exposure, several sessions may be required in order to completely eliminate a given condition.  As an example, acute illness may require three sessions, whereas chronic conditions may require up to 10 sessions.

In Summary:  BioResonance is based on the recognition that most modern diseases are not the result of organs having structural flaws, but because these organs are not functioning properly.  Therefore, bioresonance has three functions:

  1. to reduce the load of stressors confronting the body’s defence mechanisms;
  2. to improve those defences so that the body’s natural healing capacities are strengthened;
  3. to provide support to all organs.

BioResonance therapy helps improve the body’s capacity to function – bioenergetic medicine does not treat disease, it treats the body.  (K.Scott-Mumby Virtual Medicine, 2nd ed, 2008)

All Bioresonance treatments are carried out by a fully accredited, trained Integrative Medicine Naturopath.

The BRT Consultation

At True Medicine only qualified & fully accredited health professionals undertake BRT.

The equipment used is cutting edge technology widely incorporated in European medical clinics and hospitals. BRT is carried out in clinic. Please allocate up to two hours for your initial session which includes a full body scan.  Duration of follow-up sessions will depend on treatment required and may range from 45 to 90 minutes (or longer for very complex conditions).

It is essential that all metal be removed from the body (implants are not a problem) – so please remove all piercings before having a treatment.  Jewellery can be removed while in clinic.

If you are sick of feeling unwell, tired and fatigued or plagued by allergies and pain, call for an appointment today on 07 5530 1863.

Imago approach

Please bear this in mind that ONLY qualified practitioners with a minimum of an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy or an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition are permitted to dispense or recommend nutritional supplements.  Never ‘self prescribe’ and always seek the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner.