Stop Smoking

Addictions can take on many forms and include a variety of substances.  BRT has been extremely successful in treating addictions.  If you are serious about giving up something you feel is an addiction, here are some areas that have proven success:Image result for stop smoking

The ‘STOP Addiction’ treatment involves ONE 1-Hour session which includes a month’s supply of ‘craving stoppers’ FREE.  

It is highly recommended that further ‘detoxing’ sessions are conducted to help repair the damage caused by the substance. However, if you are short on time, True Medicine also offers detoxing and withdrawal support that you can take with you and use daily to help you avoid unpleasant cravings or discomfort.

Receive a FREE tub of NAC to help prevent mood swings commonly associated when ceasing an addictive substance when you book your follow-up session.

The prerequisite to success is your desire to stop – whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or specific foods.

If you are serious about relinquishing an addiction but haven’t succeeded because of the cravings, BRT may be the answer.  Call 5530 1863 and make an appointment NOW!