Cranial Trauma, TMJ & Scars

Some areas where BioResonance therapy may be of assistance:

Cranial and Birth Trauma

Cranial blockages are caused by any trauma to the head or neck.  Often falls, blows to the head, the use of forceps for delivery or from passage through the birth canal can cause cranial trauma.  As many energy meridians cross through the head and neck region, cranial trauma has wide ranging effects.

Symptoms which may respond well to BioResonance treatment of cranial trauma include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sinus
  • Foggy brain
  • Neck and muscle pain
  • Spinal pain
  • Fatigue

In addition to cranial trauma, another head area often associated with pain and impaired brain function is the temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ.  Symptoms include dull pain around the ear, tenderness or tightness of jaw muscles, clicking or popping when opening or closing the mouth or chewing, limited opening of mouth, headache or abnormal tooth wear.  Misalignment of the jaw may be associated with improperly aligned teeth, tooth grinding, clenching of the jaw, arthritis or trauma to the region. 


Scars from injuries and surgery disrupt the nerves, circulation, lymphatic vessels and energy meridians running through the injured region.  Scars can act like a dam in the connective tissue literally resulting in congestion or uncontrolled discharges producing energetic disorders or pain.

Our first scar is likely to be the umbilical cord.  An interference from this scar may cause colic in babies.  Surgical scars are highly significant, particularly abdominal operations.  For example, caesarean sections interfere with four major meridians – spleen, stomach, liver and kidney.

Operations may result in adhesions which are also a type of scar.  Therefore, if you have any scars, and suffer from seemingly ‘unexplained’ pain or discomfort, it may be worth having these checked.

BioResonance Therapy may assist in correcting cranial trauma, jaw problems and blockages caused by scars.