Frequency Compensation – partner of BRT

The biophysical method known as frequency compensation was introduced by Dr. F. Morrel and E. Rashe, a doctor and an engineer respectively in 1977 in Germany, and later on received the name “Bioresonance impact”.

Frequency compensation is energy information influencing cells of the tissue and organs which allows them to return to their ideal state.  Frequency compensation is a synthesis of modern achievements of energy informative medicine, biophysics and computer technologies. It’s widely used in Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary.

The level of the improvement can be traced during the frequency compensation session on the screen in real time.

Chemical medicines address the symptoms of a disease, but don’t treat its cause. Sometimes they are necessary, but only nature can facilitate a complete recovery. The human body is a complicated self-regulating biological system which radiates weak electromagnetic oscillations, as does everything in nature. These oscillations regulate all levels of the human organism (sub cellular, cellular, organic, systemic) maintaining the body in a healthy condition.

When the processes of self-regulation are violated, “incorrect”, pathological electromagnetic vibrations accumulate and lead to the development of various illnesses. Nowadays the method of Bioresonance impact (frequency compensation) is the only single fundamentally new method of non-drug treatment and prophylaxis.

Frequency compensation’s curative effect is brought about by the stimulation of ae person’s defences, excretion of toxins and toxic metabolic products, deactivation of infections, tissue regeneration, and stimulation of restorative processes in an organism.

Thanks to the universal approach to treatment of various diseases and individualised treatment, frequency compensation is indicated for an immense variety of chronic skin problems, warts, loss of hair, endocrine, hormonal disorders, migraines, weakened immune system, osteoporosis, arthritis, psychosomatic fatigue and many others.

Frequency compensation may limit the duration of drug treatment, and may also help negate the need for chemicals.

Frequency compensation is a synthesis of modern achievements of energy informative medicine, biophysics and computer technologies. It’s widely used in Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary.

What is the advantage of this therapy?

  • Individualised treatments.
  • Continuous automatic adjustment of therapy depending on the current condition of the patient.
  • Treatment efficacy and safety make this method suitable for all age groups and varying pathological states.

Modern software which allows the testing and the subsequent treatment of:

  • Allergens (food, household, animals, pollens, food supplements: 366 substances in all), at the same time frequency compensation of an allergy has a huge advantage as the patient is not provoked by the tested allergen; on the contrary, frequency compensation affects the discharge of toxins in an organism by means of inverting the information given by the allergen or toxin.
  • Moulds and fungus
  • Environmental toxins
  • Dental products (material)
  • Nosodes are “products of illnesses”-» potentiated in homoeopathic dilution of blood, lymph, urine, discharge of pathologically changed organs and tissues, toxins of pathogenic micro organisms, even the simplest micro organisms.
  • Minerals and vitamins.
  • Homoeopathic classical remedies
  • Homoeopathic organo-remedies
  • Chemical elements

What is the treatment and how does it begin?

Frequency compensation begins with the detailed health assessment and, in most cases, applies a basic harmonising therapy. The initial basic or harmonising therapy often uncovers the real condition of the patient’s health, while also removing minor disorders, blockages and superficial symptoms.

The purpose of a basic therapy is to correct your individual electromagnetic vibrations and to restore balance, beginning the recovery process.

The second stage is directed at pathological processes – special therapy. During therapy physiological vibrations will be optimally strengthened, and heavy (loading) harmful electromagnetic oscillations will be inverted, i.e. transformed to their exact mirror reflection, and thus negated. Therefore, by a means of balancing your individual vibrations and inverting/clearing those of harmful burdens, your body is able to heal, recover and achieve optimal health.