Patient feedback

Hi Dagmar, I just got so excited that I had to write to you… I have had cataracts on my eyes for the last 20 years and over that time one of my eyes got very bad.  Well, when I read all about your latest stuff that you gave me, one of them said it was good for cataracts.  Well, this will blow you away *as it did me* that when I looked at the tv and covered my good eye this morning, I could actually read what was on the screen (which I couldn’t do before).  So how about that?  I have been taking all the stuff you gave me every day and this is the one big noticeable thing over that short time. It is not perfect as yet, but I feel very very positive about it… Hope you feel as thrilled about it as I do… JW

I just want to thank you again, for taking the time to listen and creatively deal with my health situation. I have been to a fair few naturopaths in my time, and usually get swamped with yet more supplements. You had such a refreshing “take,” on how to manage the ones I had, and also have an impressive library in your head on any topic I asked about. MM

Feedback following a hip fracture: “I had an appointment with physio yesterday, and the lady was shocked at the difference between how I was moving and the report she had received from the hospital (one physio didn’t want me home and talked about getting the doctors to make me do in hospital rehab for a month!)  She said even though it had been a week apart, I shouldn’t have been able to more than double the distance I could walk.

Isn’t it amazing what the body is capable of when you throw away the pharmaceuticals and give the body healthy supplements and organic food instead 🤔 haha. I dread to think how much my health would have suffered had that physio have gotten his way.” MJ

Feedback received from a patient who has suffered debilitating psoriatic arthritis for years:   “Just wanted to share – day one NO Celebrex or Bioflam at all. Swelling has reduced more than it has in months and I can already feel I have more movement!  Usually by this time of night I’m reaching for my heat pack. So far still comfortable.  I seriously can’t believe how much of a difference I can feel already!”

Then the following morning:
“For the 1st day I woke with no meds in my system and no pain. I jumped up at 5am and went to the gym for my first work out post op. I was allowed to start this 2 weeks ago but my Arthritis was just too painful. Easily did 30 min on treadmill like my surgeon said was ok. Came home and cooked a vegetable and egg stir fry. I feel like my old self again.”  JW

“Thought you might be interested to hear how things are going for me.  Well, I am thrilled to say that I am progressing so well it is just miraculous!  And I am very grateful for the help and assistance that you gave me.  Have been taking the herbal tonic you prescribed (almost finished it) and using topical applications of essential oils mixed in coconut oil.  Also sticking to my strict diet including vegetable juices and lots of fresh herbs.

Most of the issues have resolved – the bleeding, discharge, pain, the lump on my cheek – all gone!!  The lesion is now only a fraction of the original size and almost flat.  My eye seems to work perfectly and my eyelid is gradually retracting to its normal position.  And my energy has increased hugely too.  I can’t tell you how over the moon I am.  Although you’ve probably guessed!

All those specialists that said I had no chance, which is so dreadful and misguided or ignorant or what I just don’t know,  seriously need to look at themselves and the way they practise “medicine”  I’m sure you would agree and I hope I can help and inspire others in some way to realise there are many ways to heal.”  SW

“Every day I was having ‘heart burn’ and I was tired and lethargic come afternoon.  I no longer have heart burn and I am much more energetic.”  JW

Following months of being unwell, Mr C. had one bioresonance session – his wife writes:  he “is doing really well he said he feels a lot better and even the next morning after we saw you he felt really good so yay!!”  ER

“Most important your honesty, support, gentleness, strength & quality care. Better testing & quality treatments, supplements & advice. Parasite, bacterial, viral, fungal therapies all gentle & successful. Adrenal, hormonal, vitamin & mineral support all necessary to heal a broken body – none of which you will get from main stream medicine. My all time favourite therapy is BioResonance.. again because it’s gentle & I feel better quickly after treatment. I learnt SO much from you.”  JM

“You truly care as much about my health as I do and tailor treatment plans that suit me, you recognise the complexity of one person and their symptoms to another, no one is the same. You’re the one person I trust to guide me to better health in a gentle healing way, you have so many modalities and up to date well researched knowledge. I’m dubious of practitioners and companies pushing products to make a buck but you actually know about companies – their ethics and origins, suggesting what’s most needed not what’s going to increase your profit. You set the standards high for where other naturopaths should be. I think you’re very intuitive with treatments too and I personally love the bioresonance and kinesiology. You’re one of a kind and I’m so grateful to have met a caring and honest practitioner like you!!”  NB

“Your knowledge is incredible – and you are a kind, generous practitioner and you always strive to get optimal results”  NS

“Dagmar your caring attitude, knowledge and experience in maintaining optimal health is why I choose you for my health needs.”  SV

“Yes … every time I come to you I’m amazed how much better I feel. Once my energy comes back I’ll be unstoppable haha  So grateful I found you! ”  JW

Progress report on a recurring ear infection: “Yes it cleared virtually straight away 🙂 You are a miracle worker!”  MH

I just thought I would let you know, I got my period on the 20th Jan!!!  It was a proper one too and I didn’t suffer from any cramps or anything either, which is good 🙂  Thank you so much for putting my body back in to balance!!!”  It took just two visits to reinstate this young lady’s cycle after it stopped for eight months.  MJ

“Thank you, Dagmar.  I feel like I encountered a true ‘health’ professional today and I have benefitted greatly.  will certainly recommend you to others.”  JM

“Dagmar, yesterday I couldn’t put 2+2 together let alone talk to anyone!  However, today feeling much better – made heaps of phone calls I had been putting off.  Thank you.” KT

“I spent three hours shopping with my girlfriends yesterday – something I haven’t done in a very long time. I feel better than I have in many years. Thank you, Dagmar, for your caring treatment.”  NM

“I forgot to tell you that I was able (for the first time in a while) to walk  down the steps normally instead of taking them one at a time or not using them at all… still a bit of stiffness, but nowhere near the amount of stiffness that used be.” JW

“Thank you again for seeing me yesterday, it was an absolute pleasure to be in your office and discuss my issues with you.  Thank you for being so understanding, incredibly informative and thorough.  I completely understand why W & B and others talk so highly of you.  Thank you again for your wonderful service and such sincere professionalism, you are a beacon of light in a murky sea.”  Sincere regards  AS.

“ I just wanted to say thanks very much, I feel so much better after my visit with you.  I was sitting here having a cup of tea and thinking about what we talked about and I feel so good.  I’m really looking forward to our next visit but first I’ll put this plan into action.  I really appreciate your genuine concern and the way you listen so attentively, you’re so helpful.”  EL

“Thank you for providing such a GREAT service. I am always amazed at the extent of your knowledge. I also come out feeling empowered (and more knowledgeable).”  CS, Cleveland.

“Well, I had NO stretch marks at all up to my due date. Z is now 9 weeks old!!  I am working hard to lose the 30 kg that I put on…”  KD, Daisy Hill

“You may remember that when I first came to see you we had 2 months before I was due back at the specialist.  Well …. I went to see him in October and have had a 30% improvement.  Over all a fabulous result!”  AB

“I haven’t had any pain for quite a while now Thank you so much Dagmar, you are a Godsend !”  JW