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“New” Science

It never ceases to amaze me how natural therapies which have been used successfully for thousands of years, are constantly being challenged as ‘non-scientific’ or having need to be validated by ‘clinical trials’.  Surely 5000 years should be a long enough ‘trial’?   Herbal medicine is one such healing technique.  Even Dr Mercola admits to having … Read more


All about Iron   Iron is an important mineral necessary for the survival of the human body.  Anaemia, due to iron deficiency, is one of the two leading causes of illness worldwide.   Functions:  the main functions of iron are to transport oxygen within the body and to convert blood sugar into energy. Iron is … Read more

Relief for respiratory ailments

A healthy respiratory system To most 21st century dwellers, the terms smallpox, tuberculosis and typhoid recall thoughts of period novels, settler days and times gone by.  While social and medical developments have all but eliminated these historic threats, they have been replaced by a new set of immune challenges.  Asthma, sinusitis and ‘flu epidemics are … Read more

Why is wheat dangerous to our health?

Most people who come to see me have some form if digestive issue.  It is not uncommon that I recommend they stop eating wheat.  This can be a challenge as much of the food available is made from or contains significant amounts of wheat.  Read more about the problems associated with wheat at