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War against Butter

The manner in which a recent advert on television promoted the consumption of margarine in preference to butter got my blood boiling.  Only part of the information is conveyed, thereby slanting the message in favour of margarine. What also struck me was the inference that parents who spread butter on their children’s bread are causing them harm.  Interestingly, early in … Read more

Amalgam fillings

Could dental amalgam fillings be undermining your health? A New Zealand study of 465 patients diagnosed with mercury toxicity found that 32.3% of patients suffered with severe fatigue, 88.8% had memory loss and 27.5% were depressed; all of which significantly improved with the removal of amalgam fillings. This data is further supported by studies reporting a … Read more

Mercury exposure

The Environmental Protection Agency in the USA has deemed that <0.1 mcg per kilogram of body weight would be considered a safe level of daily mercury exposure; that is, less than 7 mcg daily for a 70 kg person. Consider then that each dental amalgam filling releases 3 – 17 mcg mercury vapour daily, and … Read more