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UK stops pneumonia vaccine

The following is an excerpt from an article by Dr Mercola.  Please follow the link to read the entire article: Not only did England stop the highly ineffective pneumonia vaccine but new studies show that the countries with the most vaccines (like the US) have the worst infant death rate. . Also read how … Read more

Heart Disease

The Scientific American writes that since 1970 the obesity rate has more than doubled, diabetes has tripled and heart disease is still the biggest killer.  The percentage of daily calories from saturated fats has been reduced but several studies indicate that the reason for rising rates of lifestyle disease is from the increased consumption of … Read more

Magnesium and Type ll Diabetes

Chronic magnesium deficiency has been found to be associated with insulin resistance and, ultimately, in the development of type ll Diabetes.  Magnesium is involved in hundreds of enzymes that affect energy metabolism, carbohydrate oxidation, glucose transport, insulin secretion, insulin binding and insulin activity.  A study by Chaudhary, DP, et al. Implications of Magnesium Deficiency in … Read more

Acne – more than a skin issue

While standing at the counter of a highly publicised acne treatment recently, I could not help but overhear the warning given by the sales assistant to the customer.  Apparently the product bleaches towels and bed linen!  Further, the product must not be used near the eyes or on the neck as it is very drying amd … Read more

Plastic and Diabetes

Bisphenol A [BPA], a substance found in plastic bottles and the lining of aluminum cans, is widespread and has been related to diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions. Studies by the National Center for Environmental Health found bisphenol A in the urine of ninety-three percent of the participants tested. Bisphenol A mimics oestrogen within … Read more

Optimising Brain Function

Supporting and optimizing growth, development and maintenance of neural tissue is essential for healthy brain function throughout all stages of life.  In order for optimal brain function it is necessary to: provide basic amino acid building blocks for brain structure and function ensure the integrity and structure of neural cell membranes and neuronal function provide … Read more