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One Word

How is it that one single word can instill such fear in people?  Does the word really represent something so terrifying or has it merely been misused?  We live in a society where we are bombarded with sensationalist news on a daily basis.  Media and marketing agencies target our emotions – many times the emotion … Read more

Medical support for natural therapies

Southern Cross University has rejected claims its courses in alternative and complementary medicine are non-scientific “quackery” . Call to Remove Complementary Medicines Courses from Universities A group called Friends of Science in Medicine has written to the vice-chancellors of 19 Australian universities calling on them to axe alternative and complementary medicine degrees. The group includes … Read more

Breakfast cereals

If you or your family sit down to a bowl of cereal every morning – read this article about food processing.  Please then pass on to all your friends.  I witness the improvements in people’s health when they stop consuming processed foods – and it really does not take long to notice the changes.  Generally … Read more


Iodine is a vitally important nutrient that is detected in every organ and tissue.  Along with being essential for healthy thyroid function and efficient metabolism, there is increasing evidence that low iodine is related to numerous diseases, including cancer.  Worldwide, it’s thought that up to 40 percent of the population is at risk of iodine … Read more

The big wet

Many you may have heard about or even been affected by the recent heavy rains.  My thoughts and best wishes go out to those caught in the midst of the floods. The wet weather brings with it another threat – mould.  Moist air provides a breeding ground for mould and fungus, especially in rooms and places that … Read more

Autism Spectrum Disorders

An increasing number of children are suffering health problems, such as Ulcerative Colitis, which has previously only been seen in adults.  Equally alarming is the increased incidence of people suffering Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  It is now estimated that 1 in every 160 Australians suffers ASD.  Although the exact cause is debated among health care professionals frequently, … Read more