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Would you like some chlorine with that?

The name should give it away:  artificial sweetener.  I write a lot about consuming foods in their most natural state. This post has been prompted by the recent increase in television advertising for a certain artificial sweetener – which sounds quite Splendid.  The ads explain that the product is derived from sugar but isn’t sugar … Read more

MUST watch

Amid much anticipation the doors are now open to the ‘Hungry For Change’ Free Worldwide Online Premiere! You can watch the entire film online here: The film will be available for 10 days only, from now until March 31st so make sure to tune in, watch the film and share it with your family … Read more

Sinusitus fungal not bacterial

In my clinic I see people suffering from a wide variety of conditions and symptoms.  What is interesting is that a hidden fungal presence is often involved – particularly during the humid Queensland summers.  If you suffer recurring sinus infections, perhaps you might like to consider re-evaluating the cause.  Rather than reaching for antibiotics, you … Read more

Trans-form Your Moods

Trans fats are widely used by food manufacturers to give foods such as cakes, pastries and biscuits a more solid consistency and to prolong shelf life. They are a product of fats and oils altered by industrial processes, such as hydrogenation,  which is a process widely used to solidify liquid vegetable oils to make products such … Read more

Brain Food – fending off mental illness with diet

The following is an excerpt from Medscape – a leading medical journal: Diet is inextricably linked to conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. However, what we consume also seems to have significant implications for the brain: Unhealthy diets may increase risk for psychiatric and neurologic conditions, such as depression and dementia, whereas healthy … Read more

Your health is in Your hands

After a year creating the latest ‘Food Matters’ film we are excited to announce that it is finally ready! The film is called ‘Hungry For Change – Your Health Is In Your Hands’. Be the first to watch the trailer here: This new film will be launching in a FREE Worldwide Online Premiere from March … Read more

Slip Slot Slap

For years now Australians have been exposed to major marketing campaigns advising us to Slip Slop Slap to prevent skin cancer from sun damage.  The warnings have been extended to wearing long sleeved clothing, hats, staying in the shade and generally covering up to prevent sun exposure. The result?  Children with Rickets.  Significant Vitamin D deficiencies.  … Read more