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Labor tries to end natural therapies Labor is trying to exclude natural therapies from private health fund rebaes.  It is your private health fund that you pay into so what gives the government the right to dictate what you can receive refunds for?  Treatments including homeopathy, aromatherapy, ear candling, crystal therapy, flower essences, iridology, kinesiology and naturopathy could be found … Read more

Last doubts removed

For those who still believe that vaccinating is only the way to go, here is an article that explains how polio is actually being caused by vaccinating.  Furthermore, it explains the link between polio vaccines and cancer. I urge anyone contemplating getting vaccinated or with children to read all the research.  There is more evidence … Read more


Whether you experience reflux, nausea, heartburn or have been officially diagnosed with GORD – Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease – or are taking any ant-acid medication, this is a must read. Low stomach acid rather than too much is what causes heartburn.  Lowering this essential acid even more can be dangerous and have long term affects … Read more