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Leg cramps

This entry is quite unique as the suggestion has not been scientifically proven or even trialled, nor is there any evidence as to how it may work.  However, the idea was so novel that I have passed it on to several patients who suffer to a greater or lesser extent with leg cramps at night.  … Read more

Epigenetics: Protection from Omega 3

The ability of dietary fatty acids to improve the outcomes of many conditions has been well established. In addition to the well-known interactions on the metabolism of eicosanoids, one of the most interesting areas of research on the mechanisms of action of fatty acids is epigenetics—a term that refers to the ability of diet, lifestyle, … Read more

Fertility risk in spray-on tan

Women who use fake tan could put themselves at an increased risk of fertility problems and babies with birth defects. Although seen as a safe alternative to sunbeds, the products can contain a “cocktail” of chemicals which may pose a risk to health and even cause cancer. Among the dangerous ingredients in fake tan are … Read more