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Complementary Medicine under threat

Natural medicine is under threat from the TGA and other Government bodies.  If you value your freedom of choice when it comes to health care, please read the following and write to your Local, State and Federal Members to put a stop to this type of control. Important Industry Notice – TGA reforms with direct … Read more

Foods making us sick

The British Allergy Foundation estimates that about half the Western population suffers from food intolerance.  At least 70% of patients who adhere to a tailored elimination diet experience significant improvements.  This is a very important consideration in light of the fact that many chronic health conditions involve immune responses. What makes identification of intolerances so … Read more

Ooops … we got it wrong!

For about the past 10 years, we have been told by GPs and television marketing that we are not getting enough calcium from our diets and that we need to supplement.  Then the dairy industry decided to fortify milk  with calcium.  Most of the calcium used in over-the-counter supplements and food fortification is in the … Read more