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What is “Anti-aging”? Anti-aging is physiologically, psychologically and emotionally growing younger while reducing the biological signs of aging.  It is staying functional at a high level until death occurs without senescence or a significant decline in wellness.  Dr Jeff Bland What is Aging? We as a society tend to accept deteriorating health as ‘getting older’ … Read more

The gallbladder flush

For many years I have been procrastinating about doing a gallbladder flush.  The hesitation was mostly due to the thought of having to drink oil.  Then I found Dr Clark’s recipe and spent more years procrastinating until last weekend. So why do a gallbladder flush at all?  Dr Hulda Clark spent her life researching disease … Read more

Awesome food Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) if often grouped into the ‘cereal’ or ‘grain’ category but it is actually a seed and a member of the same family that contains spinach, Swiss chard and beets. Unlike its cereal counterparts, this humble seed provides a complete source of protein and does not contain the phytic acid compounds that most … Read more