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Scientists find that sperm cells are affected by chemicals in household products

The Independent : Monday 12 May 2014 Chemicals in common household products such as toothpaste, soap and plastic toys have a direct impact on human sperm which could help explain rising levels of male infertility, scientists have found. One in three “non-toxic” chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items significantly affected the potency of … Read more


    The toxic (heavy metal) element antimony, is a semi-metallic mineral that is a commonly used alloyed with lead in lead-acid batteries and as a fire retardant. Antimony is also used as a stabiliser and catalyst for the production of polyethylene terephthalate, commonly called PET, PETE, PETP or PET-P and is often used in the … Read more

The Body Battle

While the health benefits of maintaining an acid/alkaline balance in our diets has been an implored topic, sometimes the maintenance of this balance within our bodies remains unexplored. When a food is ingested, it is metabolized and broken down into molecules, but to keep things a little simpler, let’s say food is broken down into … Read more