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Patience is a virtue

Saw this in the reception of a Gold Coast Financial Planner and thought it was also quite applicable to our health.  For years and years, we abuse our bodies.  Eating highly processed low nutrient foods, not drinking enough water, working like crazy, overindulging in alcohol and sometimes drugs, missing out on sleep, pushing through pain … Read more

Added extras

What’s in your medications or supplements?  Most products, whether medical or nutritional supplements, have what are known as “excipients” or “fillers”.  These may be added to hold the active ingredients or give a pill its shape or simply be added for volume. They include everything except the active ingredients. Pharmaceutical excipients – where do we … Read more

The Autoimmune Cloud

  The incidence of autoimmune disease has more than tripled in the last few decades.  The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Association reports that currently 1 in 20 people are being affected by autoimmune diseases in Australia and New Zealand.     What is Autoimmunity?  Autoimmunity develops over time.  Initiated by the loss … Read more

But my grandparents were fine!

A friend recently asked why so many of his work colleagues were being diagnosed with quite serious health issues.  Without knowing their situations, this was not an easy question to answer.  As a general recommendation, a few dietary changes can often relieve many symptoms.  These usually include elimination of wheat, dairy, artificially flavoured/coloured/sweetened foods, processed … Read more