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Back to nature

There is no denying that cancer rates are on the rise and the prognosis for the coming decade is looking grim with almost one in two people expected to be diagnosed with this condition.  With the billions of dollars worldwide being pumped into ‘cancer research’ why aren’t effective treatment options more widely known?  It is … Read more

To Grain or not to Grain

For those who question the validity of reducing, or even eliminating wheat, from the diet, here is an interesting article researched by Dora Ferreira, BHSc and Nutritional Medicine Student. It is widely known and accepted that the protein gluten found in wheat (and some other grains) is the cause of coeliac disease, but research now also links … Read more

Doctors speak out

Two areas of health that evoke the strongest emotions are cancer and vaccinations.  While I do not advocate any particular approach, I do recommend seeking as much information on these topics as possible.  There is a lot of information available and sometimes it becomes difficult to  decide what to believe. I usually suggest looking at … Read more