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Healthy habits for a good sleep

Sleep disturbances are one of the most common patient complaints in medical offices today. If you are not getting enough sleep or experiencing poor quality sleep, perhaps some of the tips below may help. If not, it is advised that you seek professional advice. Impairment of sleep is not just an issue of annoyance or … Read more

Getting the Balance Right

Regulating our body’s pH or acid:alkaline levels is essential to good health. pH regulation is possibly one of the most under-estimated and misunderstood issues in our physiology, yet it is fundamental to every aspect of human health. You may be familiar with statements like “it’s important to alkalise your body” or “acidity is the cause … Read more

Good digestion is essential to a healthy body

Digestive disorders are now considered rampant and new evidence is pointing to the rise in metabolic acidosis, the new ‘disease of civilisation’, as the cause.  by Toni Crisp (Nut Med) B Arts (Journalism)  Metabolic acidosis is a condition in which the body produces too much acid or when the kidneys cannot remove or neutralise acids in … Read more

Magnesium – essential yet often deficient

Up to 60% of Australians, Americans and Europeans are deficient in magnesium, a mineral that is essential for so many different metabolic pathways and bodily functions that it should really be a public health priority. Magnesium deficiency is associated with: preterm labour high blood pressure muscle cramps anxiety constipation diabetes osteoporosis, and countless other common … Read more