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How to feed your teens

Fabulous advice courtesy of a mother and naturopath: Question: What has 22 legs, 11 mouths, sounds like your tv, radio and CD player are all playing at their loudest deafening volume together and an appetite like a small army?   Answer: the 11 teens I took to Stradbroke Island to celebrate my twins 16th birthday! Yes, … Read more

Mum’s diet determines child’s health

The following statistics are also relevant to Australian mothers and are a call to awareness that the health of our children is directly influenced by the mother’s dietary and lifestyle habits. Mums who eat high-fat, high-sugar diets may be putting future generations at risk for metabolic problems, even when their offspring eat healthy diets, a … Read more

Chemicals that endanger a child’s brain development

In a new report, dozens of scientists, health practitioners and children’s health advocates are calling for renewed attention to the growing evidence that many common and widely available chemicals endanger neurodevelopment in fetuses and children of all ages. The chemicals that are of most concern include lead and mercury; organophosphatepesticides used in agriculture and home … Read more

Depression, Zinc and B6

Depression is still the leading cause of disability worldwide, with 1 in 6 Australians experiencing the mental illness at some stage of their lives. A recent Australian study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders investigated whether dietary zinc and the zinc-toiron ratio predicted the incidence of depression by examining data from two large longitudinal … Read more

OCD after sore throat?

The following report supports recent research into the role of microbes and mental illness.  It would further underline the importance of treating any infections quickly and effectively with natural remedies.  The reason I say this is because of the increased resistance to antibiotics.  Natural remedies have survived over 2000 years; antibiotics have become largely ineffective in less than … Read more