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Mother Nature’s Healing Hands

The following article was written and submitted by Constance Ray.   Constance co-created RecoveryWell to offer a safe place where people can share their stories about addiction and substance abuse.  So that others can learn from them and benefit in their own lives.  Mother Nature’s Healing Hands Science has come a long way in helping us … Read more

Eczema – how to avoid it

Eczema is increasingly common and makes children miserable – they don’t sleep well, they itch, they suffer and they become irritable. The good news is that it is generally treatable – if you stay away from foods and skin products that irritate your child’s skin, use good skin care, and support the immune system and … Read more

Digestive Bitters

Digestive bitters have a long history of traditional use, but how exactly do they work?  Research explores how herbal bitters are able to stimulate our digestive secretions. Here are a number of theoretical models and the evidence behind them. However, bottom line is:  Bitter herbs work.  They help produce saliva which is the first biochemical … Read more