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Is your gut leaking?

Leaky Gut Syndrome is one of many diseases that results from chronic inflammation. Poor gut health and inflammatory bowel diseases can be significant causes.  Identified by naturopaths more than 25 years ago, leaky gut syndrome has now been recognised by the medical profession as Gut Permeability. Gut Health is Connected to All Aspects of Your … Read more

A social drink or an addiction?

Addiction and Epigenetics – An Inheritable Disease? Why are humans drawn to a multitude of substances and behaviours?   It has become increasingly apparent that chronic substance abuse involves adaptations that are both genetic and epigenetic affecting our brain reward circuitry its limbic and cognitive regions.  A growing amount of literature is emerging in the field … Read more

It’s all in the format – Zinc

As with all supplements, whether they be vitamins or minerals, quality and format are vital.  Our bodies only recognise natural forms of nutrients – synthetic, inexpensive forms cannot be used.  Many over-the-counter supplements are synthetic and, therefore, a waste of money.  Furthermore, it is important to always be assessed for nutritional deficiencies to ensure you … Read more