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Preventing eczema & allergies: eating right during pregnancy

Probiotics and Omega 3 supplementation in pregnancy may reduce risk of childhood eczema and allergies Women who take fish oil and probiotics in later pregnancy and during breastfeeding may reduce their child’s risk of food allergy and eczema by 30 and 22 per cent respectively.1 In one of the largest ever systematic reviews and meta-analyses … Read more

Gestational Diabetes

The following research indicates that adequate magnesium may play a role in preventing gestational diabetes.  As is always the case with any supplement, taking the correct form is essential to achieving success.  There are many forms of magnesium, as indeed other minerals, with the Oxide being the most readily available over the counter (OTC).   However, … Read more

Are your food choices making you sick?

GoodFood,  By PAULA GOODYER     April 10, 2018 Is it a coincidence that as the number of over-processed foods in our supermarkets has grown, the diversity of microbes living in our gut has shrunk? Many researchers say our modern diet has a lot to answer for when it comes to the rise in obesity, diabetes, allergy … Read more

Support sleep and gut health in ASD children

Nearly half of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder have compromised gastrointestinal function and nutrient deficiencies. Studies show the positive effect of multivitamin and mineral supplement on symptoms. Children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are known to have significantly lower levels of most vitamins and minerals compared to healthy controls. The most common deficiencies are Vitamins … Read more

Aluminium – it’s everywhere …. but is it safe?

Aluminium is ubiquitous in the environment. In recent years, it has increasingly been incorporated in consumer products, foodstuffs, medications/vaccines and drinking water with a presumption of safety. This presumption is based on the belief that as is not overtly toxic in acute low dose ingestion, cumulative consumption must also be benign. However, is this assumption actually … Read more