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The Buzz on EMFs

With the widespread availability and use of wireless technology we are now exposed to EMF emissions at varying frequencies and strengths for extended durations 1, and there are increasing concerns being raised about the effects of these emissions on our health. This is especially concerning for young people, who have up to ten times greater electrical … Read more

How safe is Naturopathy?

I would like to quote from a wonderful article written by Robert Medhurst, BNat ND DHom seeking to quantify the level of risk posed by Australian naturopaths: Professor Michael Weir of the Faculty of Law at Bond University wrote in a 2016 submission to the Health Workforce Principal Committee on the registration of naturopathy, western … Read more

Exercising safely

Safety Tips for Your Next Outdoor Workout Session – Article written and submitted by Sheila Olson of Exercising outdoors is a great feeling. The fresh air feels cleaner, nature is motivating, and sometimes just being outside can make you want to move and bounce around. Being outside also means losing control over the elements, as … Read more