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Natural treatment of menstrual migraines

Article courtesy of Dr Lara Briden Suffering from hormonal headaches or menstrual migraines? Here’s what you need to know.   Hormonal birth control can cause or worsen migraines All types of hormonal birth control are potentially a problem for migraines but high estrogen pills are particularly bad and also carry a higher than average stroke risk for … Read more

Male fertility

Infertility rates are on the rise with more couples opting to try IVF.  Sadly, even this avenue proves unsuccessful and, despite medical testing, the reasons remain a mystery. However, we need to consider that the male sperm carries a lot of information in addition to the genetic details.  Much of how a sperm behaves is … Read more

Gestational Diabetes

Article Summary: Gestational diabetes is one of the most common complications of pregnancy and can result in serious maternal and foetal complications and long term health consequences. Compromised omega-3 fatty acid profiles are found in patients with gestational diabetes. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory, insulin-sensitising and lipid-lowering effects and may have therapeutic benefit for gestational … Read more

Natural Skin Care

True Medicine is so excited to be a stockist of Summer Land Camel Camel Farm Natural Skincare and Camel Milk. Reasons to choose Summer Land Skincare: Australian Made * All Natural Skincare * Contains Healthy Camel Milk * No SLS * No Parabens * No Synthetic Fragrances * No Phthalates * No Petrochemicals Benefits of the … Read more

Is your medication affecting your Brain?

Anticholinergic Drugs and a 50% Increased Risk of Dementia Scientists have long found a possible link between anticholinergic drugs and an increased risk of dementia. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday suggests that the link is strongest for certain classes of anticholinergic drugs — particularly antidepressants such as paroxetine or … Read more

Autoimmune Disease and Infection

The incidence of autoimmune disease is increasing with more than 100 autoimmune diseases now recognised in medicine.1  However, in the majority of cases patients are not tested or treated for infection.  Autoimmune diseases are now the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.  Autoimmunity occurs when the immune system recognises and attacks the host … Read more

True Cinnamon -v- Cassia

This research provides an excellent example how different types of a herb have different actions on the body.  When you purchase cinnamon over-the-counter or on-line, you have no guarantee that you are actually receiving the species that will be beneficial for your health.  True Medicine only stocks products that have proven efficacy, are quality controlled … Read more

Heart Disease, Copper and Soft Drinks

Recently a popular news story warned that high, long term consumption of sweetened beverages such as soft drinks and soda may increase health risks. A study published in the journal Circulation (1) found that sugar sweetened beverages as well as artificially sweetened beverages were associated with mortality rates. The study consisted of over 37,000 men … Read more

Fish Oils – Essential to every cell

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for cellular health and function. As well as attenuating acute inflammation,6 they are required for foetal neurodevelopment,7 can prevent cognitive and mood disorders8 and minimise cardiovascular risk and all-cause mortality in adults.9 Despite this, 80% of adults do not meet the recommended daily intake (RDI) of 500 mg of omega-3. Interestingly, even this … Read more