A personal experience

Effective Weight Management – a personal insight

Last year I decided to ‘experiment’ with the program as I wanted to experience first-hand how difficult it would be to undertake a restricted calorie intake.  As is human nature, the first time I purchased some drops, I just launched into the program without proper preparation and without reading how the process works.  Needless to say, this first attempt failed after a few days.  Lesson learnt!

In October 2012 I began taking the drops and followed the protocol.  The results astounded me as my weight reduced daily. 

Here are some common questions people ask me –

Don’t you get hungry?

Well – no.  When taken properly, the drops assist the body in burning stored fat for energy which more than makes up for the shortfall in consumed calories.  By eliminating sugars and fats from this phase of the program, your body is again forced to burn up fat stores.

What about energy levels?

It is recommended to not do heavy physical work or strenuous exercise while on the 500-calorie restriction.  Walking at a moderate pace, swimming, yoga or low impact workouts are fine.  In fact, I found that energy levels actually improved as did quality of sleep.  Many others have reported experiencing increased energy.

What about cravings?

During my first three weeks on 500 calories I experienced one day where I really craved chocolate.  It was easy to remain steadfast as I was about half way in and there was no way I was going to waste nearly two weeks of effort and commitment.  Generally though, there should not be any cravings as long as you eat a balanced diet.

What about socialising?

It is best to organise yourself around major social events.  It just makes things easier.  However, I found that there are always ‘healthy’ options in most situations.  If you feel you would like a drink, try a soda-lime-bitters (using fresh lime juice not cordial).  For meals out, choose protein with vegetables or salad – it’s on the menu at most restaurants.  Ask the staff to leave the chips, potatoes, pasta or other carbohydrates off the plate so you won’t be tempted.  Choose grilled meats or fish and avoid sauces and fried foods.

How long should I stay on the drops?

I have found that three weeks is an optimal length of time to remain on the 500-calorie restricted phase of the program.  Longer periods simply mean slowed weight loss.  The maintenance period can be extended to more than three weeks.  In fact, I found this to be beneficial as it enabled the body to really get used to its ‘new’ weight.  Even if your weight loss plateaus before the end of the three weeks, continue on the program.  Experience has shown that cutting this part of the program short greatly affects weight loss regulation.  After several weeks on maintenance, returning to the drops and calorie restriction saw renewed weight reduction.

Do I have any other specific advice?

Yes.  Please take before and after photos as well as measurements.  I didn’t do this and am disappointed that I don’t have any record of where I started other than the weight.

Does it get boring with limited food choices?

Definitely not.  You can choose from many different types of protein – different meats (beef, veal, chicken, lamb) and seafood prepared in a variety of fashions.  Try using different herbs and spices to achieve variety.  You also have lots of vegetables – both raw and cooked – to choose from.  I basically recommend eating all vegetables with the exception of potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.  If you have predominantly green vegetables, add a little colour with yellow squash, capsicum or beetroot or a little carrot.  Always try and have at least two if not three different vegetables on your plate to keep meals interesting and for the different nutrients.  Home-made vegetable soups are fabulous during winter or for a nutritious meal to take to work.  You can also enjoy two pieces of fruit every day.

Can you give me some ideas of what to make?

Of course.  I have always enjoyed fruit for breakfast so that is what I do.  I have one mug of coffee – either black or with a little Bonsoy – and an apple or watermelon. 

For lunch I generally make a fresh salad where I combine several different green leafies – rocket, baby spinach, cos or iceberg lettuce, baby kale – with some cucumber, celery or tomato.  I generally try and include at least four different types of vegetable and vary these daily.  In summer salads are fabulous.  To this I add about 100g of protein – for me this is usually organic chicken as I am an “A” blood type and do not eat red meat.  Other protein options include Sirena tuna (oil drained off), two slices of haloumi, one hard boiled egg or fish.   I did find it more difficult in winter but homemade vegetable soups worked well.

Dinner is mostly made up of either stir fried, steamed, baked or grilled vegetables and fish.  Sometimes I have a 2-egg omelette with baby spinach, chopped onion and diced capsicum.  I learned that you can dry-fry quite easily and if I needed to use some form of fat/oil in the pan, I simply rub the hot pan with a tiny bit of butter.

For desert I have another piece of fruit or if the calorie-count allows, 50g of natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

If you find that you need to eat breakfast, then do so.  Have an omelette in the morning instead of fruit.  I have also split the 100g of protein into two meals – having cottage cheese with cucumber or other salad vegetable for breakfast and lunch.  It worked just fine.  You can pretty much rotate and spread the food intake around as it suits you – if you have a larger appetite in the morning, then this is when you should eat.  Perhaps a lighter evening meal of fruit will suit you or even just a light vegetable broth.  On isolated occasions, a quality protein shake is also fine but should not be a regular feature.

When I first started, I didn’t really keep a record of my meals or calories but then I discovered “My Fitness Pal” which is a free program you can download to record your weight, measurements, activity levels and meals.  It calculates your calorie and nutrient intake for you and plots your results on a graph.  It’s just so easy to use and offers a large database of foods – even Australian brands – plus you can add your own foods and recipes.

Remember that nothing is set in stone.  The dietary suggestions are guidelines.  We are all different and in the end you want to achieve optimum weight, vitality and health.  The journey is enjoyable and you will learn a lot about yourself, what foods are beneficial for you and which ones are better just avoided.  In the end you can expect to feel fitter, look great, have clear skin and turn back the clock on ageing.  If you have a ‘bad’ day, acknowledge this and carry on. 

When you purchase your drops from True Medicine, you also receive a CD with comprehensive instructions, menus and recipes.

Where am I now?

Having dropped nearly three dress sizes, shopping is enjoyable and fun!  I can even wear (some) high heels again.  There’s still a way to go, but I can now enjoy exercise again which is helping to tone and further increase energy levels.


Professional Guidance

Any weight loss program should never be undertaken without a thorough health assessment.  I have heard many horrifying stories of people who obtained HcG drops and ended up in a mess.  If your body is already burdened with toxins and is unable to clear these, imagine how bad you will feel when you release more toxins from fat stores.  It is for this very reason that I only prescribe the drops following a consultation where addressing your personal needs helps ensure success.

Undertaking such a weight management program is not recommended if you have any chronic health condition such as diabetes, hypothyroid or are taking certain medications.  This is why assessment and guidance by a professional health practitioner are essential.

Ultimately, weight management takes time.  There are absolutely no quick fixes to weight loss that work in the long term.  Short term weight loss only means more weight gain and greater imbalances in your metabolism.  Most likely your weight gain took place over a number of years, so be realistic and don’t expect to shed it all in a few weeks.  Whether you need to lose a lot or just a few kilograms, then this program is ideal. 

So if you want effective weight management – here it is.  Enjoy every stage of your journey.

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