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Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, dental hygiene and visiting the dentist, most people do not think of their Naturopath.  There are many ways a Naturopath can help you with your oral health.

How can Naturopathy help you?

  • Helping your body clear heavy metals including mercury and amalgam residues, as well as metal from braces, crowns and bridges
  • Helping you prepare for and recover from dental surgery 
  • Helping regulate your immune system and support elimination of bacteria, biofilm and other microbes
  • Provide guidance for a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain healthy teeth
  • Address any underlying health concerns that may be compromising your oral health (for example hormones, mineral deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances).
  • Helping you regulate the pH in your mouth (acid/alkaline levels)  

The Journal of Molecular Biology published research in July 2019 outlining the link between oral acidosis and tooth decay. 

Dental plaque itself is not the problem.  As soon as the teeth are cleaned, microbes bind to saliva and begin the process of colonisation.  This process occurs in a sequence according to the type of bacteria involved.  Plaque itself is not an indicator of poor oral health.  It is necessary for, but not sufficient on its own, to create tooth destruction or periodontitis.  For dental caries and periodontitis to occur, dysbiosis and oral acidosis must occur.  So whilst cleaning the teeth regularly to remove dental plaque is important for maintaining oral microbial health, it is more important to look at dietary composition and the overall health of the oral microbiome.  Creating a healthy environment will maintain a healthy microbiome.

Diseases and conditions linked to disturbances in the oral microbiome:


Teeth are linked to the rest of our body – including mental health.  Dental health is directly reflected in the rest of our body.  The following is a copy of an interview with Dr. Prof. Ottaviano Tapparo:

Dr. Prof. Tapparo has received several Awards for his works and is a dentist specialized in naturopathic dental treatments. Here a brief interview with Dr. Tapparo:

DCIC: Prof. Tapparo – Today many people are informed about mercury and its devastating effects. But when you started practicing as a dentist, it seemed common sense for dental fillings to contain mercury alloys. Please tell us how your story began?

 DR. TAPPARO:  I studied dentistry at the University in Erlangen –Nürnberg, Germany. One of the first university studies , I took part in, was in 1979 organized by the Occupational Medical Group. The study showed that putting or removing amalgam in teeth, raised mercury levels in the blood for some days but would then drop to normal levels. This was their evidence that amalgam does not have a negative long term effect. What many did not know, however, is that mercury creates a chronic infection which is not seen in blood tests. Only acute infections are seen in blood tests.

In 1989 I saw in my statistics that after implant placement there was poor healing or failure with implant loss. I began to take biopsies and looked at what was found in the surrounding bone and in the roots of extracted teeth. We found mercury, heavy metals and formaldehyde. Because of this we decided that surgery in the oral area should only be done after amalgam and metal removal. The books on toxicology told us that what we had found was very toxic and could lead to cancer and degenerative diseases so we adopted safety measures to avoid intake during removal. Further biopsies showed that after amalgam and metal removal the concentration in the biopsies (bone and teeth) decreased. We also found the best healing after dental procedures was achieved when no more metals were used for the dental restoration. Later on we adopted the blood test Melisa because we saw that the skin test for metals was not reliable. We also began including the immune system in our diagnostic schedule of tests. We searched for and found non metallic materials for use in the oral area. We use Zirconium dioxide (which is not radioactive) covered with ceramic ( we use silicium oxide ceramic because Feldspat ceramic is radioactive) for fixed crown and bridgework , acetal, nylon and one component resin for removable prothesis.

Our latest work is in the use of the body`s own growth factors, cytokines and CD 34+ stem cells for the treatment of wounds and the temporo mandibular joint. Because no other substance is added we now have the best treatment option especially for ill and immune system deficient patients. Besides improved healing in the dental field, the body`s own repair factors can now be used for healing acceleration (up to 40 % faster) in other medical fields too.

DCIC: Due to the difficulties you have had in the past, I have heard that you promote only what you are able to prove in a laboratory. Is that correct?

What are some of the projects you have been able to prove ?

DR. TAPPARO: In the years before the 80`s diagnostic energetic measurements were not well known and are still controversial today. I had to use scientific accepted measures and tests to prove the reaction of dental and environmental substances. However I am also in contact with a group of medical scientists who invented the Prognos device that measures the reaction of the body of the astronauts in the space lab Mir. Therefore I do agree with the importance of energetic measurement methods, but if we want to prove the reactions in the present time we have to control and prove it with scientific proved data tests.

We confirm with analytically correct lab testing that mercury, metals, formaldehyde, secondary amines like putrescin cadaverin are released in the oral area. We then confirm that, after removal, the concentration in biopsies decrease.

We test the reaction of materials and substances by measuring the cytokines when we put the material in contact with the patient’s own blood. This enables us to prove that heavy metals may cause a type 4 allergic reaction. Resins/composites can also result in a type 4 or a Type 1 reaction. We can see if the organism of the patient is allergic or pseudo allergic to a substance. With this test, we can also prove that even titanium can cause a reaction.

By comparing the patient’s dental x-ray to his/her medical history, we are able to see a correlation between teeth and organs and through this we can explain health conditions caused by heavy metals, bacteria, toxins, in oral areas with degenerated bone like NICOS (neuralgia inducing cavitational osteitis).

We are constantly looking for treatment options without foreign materials or substances like the body’s own concentrated growth factors.

DCIC: What is your method of immunological detection of dental materials?

DR. TAPPARO: We look for the cytokines that are released by the patient’s own blood after the contact with a material. We can see if the reaction is allergic (Type 1 or Type 4), pseudoallergic or inflammatory. We are able to evaluate the patient’s detoxification capacity and the body’s most likely actual or genetic inflammatory response.

DCIC: Thank you Dr. Tapparo, for sharing this important information with us.


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