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Help for fussy eaters

The most common reasons for children to be picky eaters are 1. Behavioural – they may be too busy and distracted to sit down for a meal and finish it 2. Filling up on juices or fizzy drinks or other “empty calories” 3. Constipation – if the tummy is filled with faeces, there is not … Read more

Is anxiety affecting your quality of life?

  The Anxiety Monster Feeling occasionally anxious is a normal response to modern life. However, for some people their anxiety is like a little monster living inside, who stirs up uncomfortable feelings when faced with simple everyday situations. If you or someone you know avoids social gatherings, work meetings or confrontations, due to anxiety, then … Read more

Goodbye to Insomnia

Insomnia affects around one third of the population, with many of these people resorting to hypnotic drugs like benzodiazepines to fall asleep. But the drugs are not without their side effects – they can be addictive and cause daytime sleepiness. There has been an ongoing quest to find a natural alternative to hypnotics. Many herbs … Read more

The affliction of addiction

It has been calculated that the three most problematic mental illnesses worldwide, in terms of burden to daily living, are: depression anxiety addiction Whilst depression and anxiety are frequently treated by various means, addiction tends to receive less attention in clinics.  Addictions occur not only to – alcohol cigarettes illicit drugs but also to the … Read more

Is your Gut happy?

During the past two decades, gluten sensitivity and Coeliac Disease (CD) have been recognised as multi-system autoimmune disorders with researchers and clinicians noting extra-intestinal manifestations linked to CD. So what does this mean? Psychiatric symptoms can be common complications manifesting for patients with undiagnosed CD. Interestingly, as many as 57% of the people with neurological … Read more