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An Ode to Dagmar

Written and sent to me by Jan Wood –

Just take my tip and take a sip of Dagmar’s stuff called MUD,

And if you have arthritic pain, some MSM should gain!

You’ve tried and failed to rid yourself of weight that just won’t move

So try her diets and her pills, your body soon you’ll love!

Her warmth and caring of your ills is obvious to all

Don’t take them to the Doctor, you’ll hit a great brick wall!

For Dagmar will assess your ills, a band-aid she won’t use,

She’ll ascertain what’s needed, your body she’ll peruse.

She’ll give you stuff that fights your pain, and goes to its grass roots

She’ll spare no effort,  dig it out, the cause she soon will loot!

But wait a minute, Doctor’s free and I will have to pay…

You’re right I say, but Dagmar’s skills are worth it every day.

Six years ago a body part, of mine they sought to take

They told me it was useless, and my pain would take a break.

I fought them off and took my woes to Dagmar and her skills,

And now my gall is still quite safe, the bladder is not ill.

Three times they tried to snatch it, three times I fought them off

How happy that I met the one, who helped me to stay tough.

The Doctors told me I don’t need the part inside of me

I wondered why it’s put there, if they could set it free?

I’m so happy that I met the one who keeps me without pain,

So put your trust in Dagmar, you’ll be the one to gain !

Jan Wood 72 years