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Beat PMS with Essential Oils

As early as 400BC, Hippocrates declared that “aromatic vapour baths are useful in treating female disorders”.  In the 21st Century nothing has changed. 

During my ten years in clinic, I have treated many women who have suffered with different forms of pre-menstrual discomfort.  Pain included mild to debilitating headaches and migraines; cramping that would have some women curled up in bed for days with even strong pain-relief not helping much.  I remember one lady specifically, who missed three days of work each month due to extreme pre-menstrual pain and cramping.  I made her a blend of essential oils and after only one month she did not miss a day of work due to PMS again. 

Essential oils have not only assisted in alleviating pain, but also in supporting fertility.  I cannot describe the joy of seeing a mum who had undergone treatment in my clinic, holding her new baby. 

With all the new techniques available in today’s world, we often forget those remedies which have been around for over 2,000 years and withstood the test of time … and disbelievers.

So before reaching for pain relief that has nasty side effects or considering extreme fertility treatments, give me a call on 07 – 5530 1863 – perhaps essential oils can help you too.