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Bone health

Rarely a week goes by when I do not receive a call from a patient who has had a bone density scan and was told they have osteopoenia.  Osteopoenia is a term used to describe bone density that is below optimum; it is not a diagnosis and should not be confused with osteoporosis.  Peak bone mass is reached around age 30 and gradually diminishes naturally to some degree as we age.

There are over thirty factors associated with proper bone integrity which need to be considered when forming an appropriate prevention and therapeutic regime for anyone with diminishing bone density.  A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) provides a report on levels of all minerals within the body, as well as any underlying metabolic, endocrine or nutritional imbalances involved in bone density issues.  An HTMA is a simple, inexpensive and very reliable test providing information which enables specific and targeted treatment to maintain or regain healthy bone density.

Available during or prior to your initial consultation.  For further information call 07 5530 1863.