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Bonsoy – voluntary recall

Soy Milk

The recent recall of Bonsoy soy milk has thrown my kitchen into chaos.  This is the ONLY soy milk I drink and also the only one I recommend in my clinic.  Why?  The reason is simple:  Bonsoy is made according to traditional Japanese processes which soak the soy beans.  Soy should only be consumed following fermentation, steaming or soaking of the beans.  It is also the only soy product I have found not to contain other unnecessary additives, but I’ll go into those later. 

I read some of the reports regarding people falling ill after drinking Bonsoy.  While I cannot verify those reports, I would like to comment on the alleged cause.  Iodine levels were said to be too high.  The Sydney Morning Herald states that the daily adult requirement for iodine is 80-100 micrograms.  Interesting, considering in Japan the average daily intake of iodine is closer to the 1000 micrograms. Indeed when doses of 50mg per day have been administered, insulin sensitivity improved. 

I must also mention the relationship between iodine and fluoride:   Fluoride, chloride and bromide all block iodine.  Many so called iodine-allergies are in fact elevated levels of fluoride, chloride, or bromide which, when adequate iodine is available, are removed from the body often causing side effects.  With fluoride being added to our drinking water, chloride in drinking water and bromide found in most baked goods (breads, cakes, biscuits), it is not surprising that our iodine levels are in jeopardy.  

Back to the unnecessary additives other brands use.  While checking the options at the supermarket the other day, I was horrified at the ingredients.  Anyone watching me would have wondered at my dismay and head shaking.  Some of the ingredients lists read as follows:

  •       Some brands have as little as 4% soy content – what is the remainder made from?
  •       Canola oil – considering that canola has been genetically modified and is detrimental to our health, what is it doing in soy milk?
  •       Sunflower oil – oil just doesn’t belong in milk
  •       Cane sugar
  •       E407 Carrageenan  – often contains MSG and is reputed to cause asthma, ulcerative colitis, skin rashes, colon ulcers, cancer and is found in ice cream, dessert mix, confectionery, pastries, biscuits, thickened cream, chocolate milk, other foods and cosmetics.  Should not be given to children or babies.
  •       E466 – causes flatulence, intestinal discomfort, intestinal obstruction.
  •       E450 – decreases bone density, osteoporosis, fluid retention.
  •       E509 – causes stomach and heart disturbances when ingested.
  •       E338 – causes neurotoxicity, severe eye and skin irritation, tooth enamel erosion, osteoporosis and is found in soft drinks, cream cheese, cheese and cottage cheese.

Now you don’t have to be an expert in any field to see that most other brands contain highly questionable ingredients.  I ask you to make up your own mind.