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Cancer loves sugar

Medical research during 1940 documented cancer cells’ preference for sugar.  To allow sugar to enter, cells have insulin receptors.  Cancer cells have up to 16 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells.  However, it took until 1997 for this concept to be incorporated into cancer care in the United States.  It is not yet used in Australia.

With the increased consumption of processed foods and high daily intake of grains, which turn to sugar in the body, is it any wonder that cancer is on the rise?

Conversely, organic fresh fruits and vegetables contain substances known to switch off cancer cells.

Let’s look at the sugar aspect of cancer

The Standard of Care for cancer involves surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.  While the Standard of Care states “First do no harm”, regular cancer treatments weaken the immune system and vital body organs and can even stimulate cancer and cause metastases.  In addition, chemo and radiation distort the DNA of healthy cells and cause cancer to build immunities. 

Conventional chemotherapy toxic effects include Chemo-Brain syndrome; painful neuropathies; cardiomyopathies; renal failure; hepatic failure; severe pancytopenias; pulmonary fibrosis; devastating fatigue, anorexia and wasting syndrome; osteoarthritis, myalgias, osteoporosis; severe dermatoses; death. 

A more targeted option is Insulin Potentiation Therapy(IPT) where the chemo drugs are linked to insulin.  See above:  cancer cells have up to 16 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells.  Not only do they love sugar, but if chemo drugs are attached to insulin they will be more readily absorbed by the cancer cell and not healthy cells.  Sound logical?  It does to me.  So why is this not being applied in our hospitals?  Particularly since the research has been documented for over 70 years!

Should you or someone you know decide to undergo conventional treatment involving chemotherapy, make sure they ask about IPT as set out in the International Organisation of Integrative Cancer Care Physicians. 

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