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Clean water in the shower and swimming pool

Do you know that exposure to chlorine and chloramines, occurs every time you shower, bathe, or swim in the pool? Chlorination levels in drinking water vary between 0.5 – 2.00ppm (parts per million), and 1.00 – 2.00ppm in the average swimming pool.

Whenever you shower you are breathing chlorine directly into your lungs (which is released as a gas when water is heated above 9 degrees) where it is transferred to the bloodstream and dispersed throughout your body. The skin also absorbs chlorine remaining in the water. This exposure to chlorine has a direct drying effect on the skin and hair, and can lead to cancer, allergies and dermatitis. 50% of exposure to chlorine occurs in the shower, with the chlorine being received at 90 times the higher intake rate when inhaled; than when drinking chlorinated water. This means one shower is equivalent to an entire day’s consumption of drinking chlorinated water.

Shower filters using a special media called KDF Chlorgon have been developed to remove chlorine from the water as well as lead, heavy metals; such as iron oxides, hydrogen sulphide, odours, and also balance the pH of the water; providing a healthy showering environment.

Swimming in the pool (either chlorinated or salt water) has the same effect on your body as in the shower, as pools are usually used during the warmer months, or are heated for use in the remaining cooler months. Pool filter sticks using crystals embedded with nano titanium and activated by light, have been developed to significantly reduce the chemical usage required to sanitise and  stabilise swimming pools. These sticks work without adding anything back into the water, resulting in a cleaner, clearer, healthier swimming environment.

Bear in mind that chlorine is a major blocker of iodine – in an already iodine deficient society, every attempt to reduce exposure to chlorine (and fluoride) should be made.

Make sure you are enjoying clean water.