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Disease is not caused by your genes

Naturopathy is based on the fundamental principle  of treating the individual person rather than their symptoms or disease state.

In order to identify the underlying cause of any symptoms, it is valuable to gain as comprehensive a case picture as possible, and certainly the more detailed information, the better understanding the practitioner has of the patient’s overall health.

With a wealth of health testing available, it is important to continually remind ourselves that a genetic profile does not diagnose a disease state.  What may be considered a less than desirable result in a gene profile is less of a concern if the patient is leading a balanced lifestyle encompassing the naturopathic principles of balance between body (herbs, nutrients, exercise), mind (meditation, emotional state) and spirit (each person will have their own spiritual philosophy, but prayer has been shown to be beneficial for health). However, if that patient chooses to smoke, eat disease promoting foods, overindulges in alcohol and is exposed to herbicides, pesticides and fungicides through their diet and lifestyle there will be more stress placed on their body leading to inflammation and a state of “dis-ease” leading to a greater potential for these genes to be switched on.

In recent times, there has been a lot of ‘mis’-information in the media regarding genes that allegedly “cause” cancer or other diseases.  This is fundamentally incorrect.  Statistics show, for example, that only 5% of women who have been tested positive for the BRCA1  gene, actually develop cancer.  Genetic testing is powerful in that it can show which genes have been switched on or off or have developed a SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) which affects HOW that particular gene functions.

SNPs can be caused, and corrected, by making fundamental lifestyle choices – what  you eat, what you drink, exposure to environmental toxins, alcohol, smoking, drugs, lack of sleep, stress – all of which affect your body’s ability to function.

So if you are feeling less than optimal, or have a medical diagnosis, natural medicine will take a look at what is not functioning properly resulting in the symptoms you are experiencing.  Likewise, any SNPs that may be identified in your genetic profile, may be circumvented thereby eliminating any less-than-optimal function.  Common SNPs include MTHFR, COMT, DAO, MAOA, GST/GPS, NOS3 AND PEMT.  There is NO gene or SNP that directly programmes you to develop a particular disease.

Some health problems associated with the above SNPs include irritability, obsessive behaviour, birth defects, workaholism, sleep issues, PMS, impaired fertility, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hypertension, stroke, liver dysfunction, thyroid problems, obesity and weight gain.

Beware –  there are many commercial organisations marketing DNA testing.  When you provide your DNA, you want to ensure complete confidentiality and accurate results that are presented in a scientific format with explanations that your practitioner will be able to give you.  In short, you have a right to expect quality, accurate results rather than sensationalised prognoses.  My preferred laboratory is 3×4 Genetics. Test kits need to be linked to a practitioner, so please contact the clinic to order your DNA test kit.

If you would like to have your genetic profile assessed and set your path to a healthier future, call True Medicine for a consultation on 0468774 633 and avoid the pitfalls of many commercial DNA tests.