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Fresh foods have a north polarisation

fresh marketsFresh food and farmers’ markets offer a great variety of fruits and vegetables of incredible colours.

While it is the phenolic substances that give colour and taste to our food, unfortunately they can also stimulate an allergic reaction in our bodies.  There can be various reasons for our body having an allergic reaction to a phenolic substance. It can be caused by how the product was cultivated, harvested, how it was made to ripen or how it was cooked. Or simply because it is a natural part of the food. 

Another very important aspect when talking about intolerances or allergic reaction is the polarization.  Fruit and vegetables, flowers and leaves, nuts and grains, all have a north polarization when they are freshly picked, except the seed, which has a south polarization.  This has been investigated by Dr. Clark.

Fresh food freshly picked from the vegetable garden and tested with the Syncrometer has a north polarization. North polarization turns slowly south as the food (even if it is organic) grows old, and this change occurs independently from preserving it in the fridge or out in the open. Dr. Clark was of the idea  that the majority of our food as well as our water, should have a north polarization, with only a small quantity in the form of seeds, having a south polarization.  Food that is old, food that has been preserved, food that is packaged, food that contains metals, solvents, pesticides and laundry bleach all have a south polarization.   


Dr. Clark said that today we are receiving an overdose of south polarized food and water  and that such food fills us with PGE2 and therefore our organs get inflammed opening the door of our cells  to bacteria, viruses and sicknesses. 

Just one more reason to source locally grown, fresh product and limit intake of processed foods.


The cited information has been taken from Dr. Clark’s research