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As the weather begins to warm up, many of you may be giving thought to preparing your body for summer. This may include getting outdoors more, exercising and increasing movement.  It may also include detoxing your body to help with energy levels and weight regulation.

Spring is an excellent time to give your liver a little support – help it detoxify and carry out over 500 essential functions.

Just a few of the essential functions of the liver include:

  • Digestive regulation – supports proper digestion of foods
  • Metabolism – for energy and overall health
  • Fat metabolism – regulation of cholesterol
  • Hormone regulation – essential for both synthesis and balancing of hormones
  • Blood sugar regulation – avoid highs and lows
  • Protein synthesis – not just for body builders but also for good muscle mass

Now is the time to start looking at improving your overall health and energy levels. Arrange an appointment for an individualised assessment by calling 07 5530 1863.

Avoid the temptation to do a ‘quick’ detox as this can cause a lot more harm than good.