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Hidden agenda

Parasites are very clever and have smart ways of ensuring their own survival.  An example is the cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii also known as toxoplasmosis.

Often harmless, it is warned against during pregnancy.  The article,, found that around 9% of Americans are infected with Toxompasma gondii.  What is interesting is that mice infected with Toxoplasma lost their fear of cats, therefore improving their chance of being eaten by a cat, thereby infecting the cat in turn with Toxoplasma. Some parasite can release targeted chemicals to produce such effects. It is no wonder that their presence can cause altered mental states.

It is quite likely that Toxoplasma is not the only infection that can influence our mental state. That is why Dr. Weeks says: “Before you take anti-psychotic medications for the rest of your life, ask your doctor to determine first whether or not you are infected with something!”

There are several options of assessing whether or not you may be infected by a parasite or other microbe.  Symptoms such as fatigue may indicate microbial presence.  Functional pathology stool testing and Live Blood Screening often provide very accurate information.  Why not arrange a full health assessment today.  Call me on 07 5530 1863 or seek the assistance of a local qualified naturopath.