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Individualised care with DNA testing

Nutritional genomics has changed the landscape of weight and health management, providing personalised dietary recommendations based on an individual’s unique genetic profile.

There are a range of non-invasive DNA tests that identify specific genes linked to the achievement of optimum health, weight management, hormone metabolism and athletic performance. The tests provide the opportunity to personalise diet and exercise interventions, and select nutritional supplementation according to an individual’s unique genetic profile.

Different DNA tests are available in the areas of: 

  • General health and susceptibility to chronic diseases.
  • Diet – providing comprehensive and accurate weight-management and body composition information.
  • Oestrogen tests for various polymorphisms that have been shown to affect the metabolism of oestrogen and associated disease risks.
  • Sport – providing insight into an individual’s potential for sporting performance, optimal exercise/training selection, recovery strategies and injury risk.

DNA test


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