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Industrialisation of food processing

Fresh is best – this is attested by Dr Mercola in his article about orange juice.  The ‘fresh is best’ adage applies to everything we consume.  In clinic I spend considerable time with patients advising them on healthy food choices.  Generally speaking, any food that is packaged has been processed.  As such there has been a loss of nutritional value and, in most cases, artificial substances have been added.

It does not take long to prepare food from scratch.  Juicing fresh vegetables and fruit need also not be a chore with the wide range of convenient juicers available.  Enlist every member of your family in food preparation – give them tasks appropriate to their age where children are concerned.  Often when children are a part of preparing a meal they eat a wider range of foods.  Let them experiment.  Turn meal preparation into valuable family bonding time.

If you enjoy your daily juice, regardless of what flavour, take time to read this report.