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Inflammation + Acidity = Pain


Pain, as a symptom, is often accompanied by two defining underlying clinical features: inflammation and acidity. In order to achieve effective pain management it is essential to target pain, inflammation and acidity as a triad to accomplish an analgesic effect. This is important for both acute pain episodes, as well as long-standing chronic pain. Acute and chronic pain require varying clinical approaches.

Acute pain is generally caused by infection, soft tissue damage and/or inflammation. Commonly treated with short-term analgesics, acute pain serves as the initial signal of a malfunction or injury in the body. Failure to treat acute pain correctly can ultimately lead to chronic pain.

Chronic pain can develop due to an underlying diagnosed condition or can present itself with no apparent origin. Chronic pain is oftentimes defined as pain that lasts for six months or longer, however its intensity can vary.

Always seek the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner.  Every person is an individual and proper assessment of your needs requires time and expertise. 

At True Medicine initial consultations are never less than an hour in order to identify the underlying causes requiring attention.  In addition, the clinic uses only quality products with clinically proven results.  Call 07-55301863 for an appointment.