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Labor tries to end natural therapies

Labor is trying to exclude natural therapies from private health fund rebaes.  It is your private health fund that you pay into so what gives the government the right to dictate what you can receive refunds for?  Treatments including homeopathy, aromatherapy, ear candling, crystal therapy, flower essences, iridology, kinesiology and naturopathy could be found ineligible.

Homeopathy, aromatherapy, naturopathy and more have been around for thousands of years – initially being used exclusively for health care purposes.  There are enough books and records to fill buildings, yet the government still argues about ‘evidence’ and whether these therapies are ‘clinically effective’.

You just need to ask those who have found relief with natural therapies after years of no relief using main stream medicine.

Which treatment is really ‘effective’?  Stand up for your rights.  I always believed Australia was a free country, with freedom of choice.  Obviously no longer – at least not with Labor.  Write to your local Member as silence = consent.