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Massage is essential to good health.  What used to be considered a luxury is fast becoming a necessity to maintain optimal body function.  This applies whether you work physically or spend long hours sitting at a desk.  I am not going to expound on the merits of massage in this blog.  What I am concerned about is raising awareness about qualified massage therapists. 

I have noticed numerous massage outlets opening in shopping centres.  When passing, I always make a point of entering and asking if the services are covered by private health funds.  The response is invariably ‘no’. 

Why is this important?  Because in order to qualify for health fund rebates a practitioner must meet qualification standards and be a member of a registered association.  By being an accredited member of an association, the therapist’s massage treatment qualifies for private health fund rebates.

Therefore, my concern is, what qualifications do these therapists have?  Please be aware of this matter and always check the qualifications before permitting anyone to give you a treatment.

To see if a therapist is registered, please check with your health fund or check some of the major associations:

Remember:  it is your body!