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Mental health – anger issues and nutrition

Micronutrient Therapy for Negative Adolescent Behaviours

It is a transformational time for our understanding of mental health disorders. They are no longer considered merely a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitter function but rather a broader interplay of factors which affect brain function. 

Many emotional symptoms are in part the result of inflammation, gut dysbiosis, oxidative stress and impaired mitochondrial energy function. These factors are important to recognise because mood and behaviour modulation can be grounded in nutrient treatment and lifestyle changes.

Large population studies have reported that those who consume healthier whole food diets consisting of plenty of fruit, vegetables and nuts, experience better mental health. This is true for both healthy people and those with diagnosed disorders.

In the treatment of antisocial and negative adolescent behaviour, there has been an increasing number of clinical trials which support the use of micronutrient treatment for reducing offending behaviours.

In a recent 16-week open label trial involving males aged 4-14yrs who displayed ongoing threatening and aggressive tendencies for at least six months, micronutrient therapy was administered over an 8-week period.  Prior to commencing, however, pathology testing was conducted in order to establish base line nutrition/deficiency levels.

Changes in verbally and physically aggressive behaviours were measured using a variety of scales at baseline, eight weeks, end point and at 4-6 months post-completion. The results showed that micronutrient therapy significantly improved parent-reported threatening and aggressive behaviours; family functioning and Health-Related Quality of Life in these young men.

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