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Misleading TV ads

There are several advertising campaigns currently being aired on Australian television that are extremely misleading.

The first depicts a person diving under water and likening a narrowing cave to the arteries in our body.  The inference is made that by taking cholesterol-lowering medication you prevent cholesterol plaque from building up and eventually obstructing your blood vessels.  This is deceptive at best.  Cholesterol is a natural substance produced by the liver.  Up to 80% is produced by the body, with the remaining 20% usually consumed in our diet.  Should we consume more cholesterol, a healthy liver compensates by producing less.  Cholesterol is a vital component of hormones and cell membranes.  Generally our body will only produce what is essential and beneficial.  So why does cholesterol have such a bad reputation?  Misguided research.  When the lining of our blood vessels becomes inflamed, our body sends cholesterol to help heal.  Excessive inflammation is what causes plaque build up.