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My weight loss journey

“My weight loss journey” was written by a woman and is shared here to help others find the inspiration and motivation for successful weight management.

Feeling very depressed about my life especially my weight turning the Big 50 –having no hope that I could turn my life around, I was depressed to find some answers looking online for all the wrong ways to lose weight, I couldn’t understand that I was eating healthy small meals but still not losing weight . I also tried to do exercise and eat healthy still nothing until one day a friend of my husband’s told him about HCG Diet plan how he and his wife lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and it actually works, He explained to me on who the HCG worked.

Basically I was very sceptical of this diet being that you take drops 3 times a day and go on a very low calorie diet. So I started with my own research on this diet from this I found a local naturopath practitioner which has also tried this diet first hand she could give me more detail and give me a blood analysis before doing anything I wanted to know what is going on with my body. Well after she took a blood sample and showed me on the computer screen what my blood cells are up too!! To my amazement she said you are not processing protein very well and you have low acid in your stomach, she was correct about a lot of the food I was eating was causing me pain and was not agreeing with me. She asked me to detox my body by having half a lemon in water each morning and vitamins throughout the day with meals. Also gave me a list of Food to eat for my Blood type A which I need to stick to for the rest of my life to make life easy I have downloaded this App to ensure I have the list on me at all times BLOOD GROUP TYPE DIET. So for the next 6 weeks I will be detoxing my body of all the bad foods .Once I am happy with the detox I will commence on the HCG Diet.

Well the next morning 22nd March 2014 I weighed my self at @#105.9 Kg I started straight away with the detox regime and to my amazement 4 weeks in I have already lost 4.7kgs just by eating the  Blood Group A foods that suit my blood type. Wow I have also taken a measurement of my body to see the results so far I have lost several inches all over, I am extremely happy and this has given me so much hope for my future and happiness, I am going on a Cruise in Oct for our 25th wedding anniversary and I am looking forward to wearing what I want on the trip.

On the 4th April I decided now is time to commence the HCG Drops and low calorie Diet I was on this diet for 4 weeks and lost another 9 kilos so that now makes this a whopping total of 13.7 kg in such a short period of time, but I need to tell you that not only lost kilos but have lost 42.5cm on all my body I couldn’t be any happier never thought this was possible to be where I am today just by changing a few food types and I was on a roll to being a happier & healthier person whilst I was on the 3 weeks maintenance I did  not put on any weight I stuck with the rules and did not find it hard at all.

I am now starting a new round on the 7th June commenced loading this was hard cause my body was not used to eating a lot of food I am already 1 week in I have lost a further 1.2Kg so this brings my weight loss to a whopping 14.9kgs so far gone and 11 kilos to go till my goal weight. I am so looking forward to a new me hopefully will be able to reach my goal weight of 80kg. I have a long journey to go but I am positive this will work now that I have the tools and knowledge I will be able to keep the weight off for ever.

If anyone out there is frustrated and truly mentally ready wanting to change their lives, I cannot stress enough to tell you to make an appointment with Dagmar she will put you on the right track. Dagmar was right there for me through my weight loss Journey.

She has truly changed my life I am very grateful to Dagmar. I hope my inspiration can help others.