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“New” Science

It never ceases to amaze me how natural therapies which have been used successfully for thousands of years, are constantly being challenged as ‘non-scientific’ or having need to be validated by ‘clinical trials’.  Surely 5000 years should be a long enough ‘trial’?  

Herbal medicine is one such healing technique.  Even Dr Mercola admits to having been a sceptic until Donnie Yance gave it a new name.    For example, the paradigm of most naturopaths is to address the underlying cause of any dis-ease by focusing on the body as a ‘whole’.  It is refreshing to read that Dr Mercola now quotes Donnie Yance as saying “ …Fear is the great obstacle to healing and when people have cancer, all of a sudden they’re filled with fear. The whole medical system set-up is based in fear.”   Yet the natural approach places “its focus on the whole of your body system rather than the disease itself. It addresses the factors that contributed to the disease in the first place, rather than attacking the disease as though it is an alien invader.” 

This relies, of course, on the practitioner being suitably qualified and in prescribing quality herbal and nutritional products.  Hence my emphasis that self-prescribing is definitely not a good idea. 

Donnie speaks more about this approach in relation to more serious conditions.  Read it for yourself at: