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Perspectives differ

How is your day going?  Fantastic!  That’s fabulous.  Or is your day not going so well?  It may all be in the perspective you take!

How we look at a situation will determine how we feel about it.  Take for example washing up.  You may feel annoyed at having to wash the dishes.  Yet, take the time to view this from another angle:  perhaps consider being grateful that you have two hands able to hold the dishes and wash them.  Those suffering from arthritis would be happy if their hands were not stiff and painful.  Also, spare a thought for the convenience of hot and cold running water – how many thousands of people do not have this luxury?

As we approach the end of the year and the Christmas shopping rush, car parks may be hard to find.  Rather than getting frustrated and angry at the lack of spaces near the entrance, why not park further away and walk.  Every step you take is evidence of two healthy legs. 

Most ‘problems’ when viewed from a different perspective no longer seem so difficult.  I would like to quote a very wise man:

Your perspective determines your reality

Your reality determines your experiences

Your experiences determine your truth

Your truth determines your Life!

Thankyou, Les, for sharing your infinite wisdom.