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Science backs herbal medicine

It is always pleasing when science substantiates thousands of years of empirical evidence.  The warnings that superbugs may pose the greatest threat to our health in the near future are now becoming more prevalent.

Not only has over-prescribing of antibiotics contributed to this resistance, so too has the use of antibiotics in livestock and seafood farming.  The excessive use of antibiotics has led to bacterial resistance, leaving medicine with no avenues to combat infection.  Concerns are great not only for hospitalisations and surgical procedures, but also for minor injuries which can easily become infected.

In addition to antibiotic resistance, bacteria protect themselves through biofilms. A recent study found that: Microorganisms are responsible for many problems in industry and medicine because of biofilm formation.  Biofilm is like a protective cocoon which prevents both medication and your immune system from reaching the bacteria.  It also prevents bacteria from being cultured in blood tests leading in false negative results.

Nature offers many options to break down biofilms and destroy unwanted and dangerous bacteria.  These include herbs, nutraceuticals and frequency.

Always consult a qualified natural health practitioner for individual assessment.  There is no one-size-fits-all and to ensure optimum results, a personal assessment is essential.

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